Building Science

Building Science is the collection of scientific knowledge that focuses on the analysis and control of the physical phenomena affecting the environmental separations contained within a building structure.

The practical purpose of building science is to provide predictive capability to advance building performance and understand or prevent exterior building envelope failures.

bamtec engineering provides building science expertise regarding the analysis, design and performance of the building’s exterior envelope materials, components and assemblies with respect to physics, environmental, energy, durability and other aspects.

Environmental aspects include the weather (sun, wind, rain, temperature, humidity), and related issues such as freeze/thaw cycles and dew point or frost point and their effect on the exterior building envelope.

Our building science analysis includes physics, chemistry and biology aspects such as capillary-action, absorption, control of condensation, gravity, thermal migration/transfer (conductivity, radiation and convection), moisture content, air vapor pressure dynamics, chemical reactions including flammability, adhesion/cohesion, friction, ductility, elasticity, and also basic physiology of fungus/mold.

Our component design analysis includes literary research on characteristics of materials, such as galvanic reaction between dissimilar metals, permeability of materials to water and water vapor, construct-ability, compatibility, material interface and durability issues.

Energy aspects include the effects the exterior building envelope on consumption, the ability to control the interior environment, building maintenance considerations, durability, sustainability, and occupant comfort and health.